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Three Elements of Internet Marketing Success

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You may be aware of the necessity to use the Internet in marketing your business, but find the task intimidating. However, marketing your business online doesn’t need to be daunting. Imagine your business growth supported on three fronts – your website, your content and your activity on social media networks.

Website Design

Your website needs to be the focal point and heart of your online presence. Your website acts as a sales person that works for you 24 hours a day creating new leads and business connections. Ideally your website will clearly show who your company serves, the products and services you offer and your capabilities and expertise. If your website has a professional, attractive and streamline design it will make a good initial impact and gain the trust of your potential clients. If the site design is cluttered, confusing, messy and hard to navigate it will have the opposite effect on your prospective clients.

Your website design should be SEO friendly and optimized for Internet marketing. This means knowing what your potential clients are searching for, providing mobile device access to your site and integrating a solid social network presence. Some websites which may look good still miss the mark when it comes to these basic marketing points and so they fail to reach their optimum potential.

The main goal of your website’s content and layout needs to be attracting visitors, giving them appropriate content, getting them to connect with you and finally getting them to take action in the way that you want. Whether this means that they approach you in connection with a consultation, buy your product or they sign up to receive a newsletter.

Your content strategy is a vital component essential in making your website a successful online marketing hub.

One of the most vital elements necessary in making your site an effective Internet marketing base will be your content strategy.

Internet Content Marketing

Your content needs to be pertinent to your potential clients and work towards achieving your goals. Content marketing can be in any medium for example: text, video clips, podcasts, slideshows and infograms. The aim of content strategy is to offer data which encourages prospective clients to connect with you. Your content needs to be shareable and require the visitor to take action (for example signing up for a newsletter) with the aim of finding out more about your business or product. Your content should also be simple to share on social networks. Your content should be interesting enough for people to want to read and share with others on social media sites.

When trying to decide what kind of content to develop you can think about the questions frequently asked by current clients. Which questions frequently arise? What issues do clients have trouble with? How can you use your know-how and experience to answer these questions and offer solutions to these issues? All of these questions will help you come up with relevant material for your content marketing strategy.

On your business blog you should tackle one topic in each post. Take into consideration the popular search terms that your potential clients will be searching for. Use Google Analytics to find what terms people are already using to search for your site! Focus on one or two search terms or keywords per blog post or resource. Don’t stuff your post with every relevant keyword. New content should be added regularly to your business blog.

Social Media

When you post new content make it known through social media. Use the social media networks to promote your content and encourage people to visit your website. Apart from sharing your latest content also make regular social media updates offering tips with links back to your site for more information. The aim of your social media activity is to locate your target audience and encourage traffic to your site. This can be from existing clients who continue gaining knowledge from your content or from new legitimate leads which may eventually buy your product or employ your services.

Social media marketing will qualify traffic for your site. Participating in forums and joining groups which are interested in a particular subject will guarantee that the contacts you are conversing with are potentially going to want what you are offering.

When using social networks you are giving others the opportunity to share their experiences with your business and thus drive traffic to your website. Statistics show that people trust recommendations from their peers more than they trust an impersonal advertisement. A Neilsen study showed that 90% of buyers trust a recommendation from a peer where as only 14% of buyers trust advertisements. You can use this information to promote interaction with your business through social networks.

Don’t be daunted by the task of creating a powerful online marketing presence! All you need is a strong website, quality content and a focused social media presence for successful business growth. If you develop an online marketing plan you can ensure that these three vital resources are used strategically and effectively.

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